Thursday, August 06, 2009

Unable to access twitter

I am having problem accessing twitter for last 3/4 hours. Am I alone OR others also facing the same problem?

Update 1:

See why the Twitterworld is so quiet today:

Update 2:

Received following message from Twitter after 5 hours, finally.

Update 3 (August 07, 2009 - 1:10 pm):

Twitter is down again :(


Rahul said...

I apologize for the intrusion but how's online marketing, as a job, i mean.

Saikat Sengupta said...

You won't be able to understand this unless you do this my friend :) How can I make one understand how it feels to be drunk if the person does not drink :D

Rahul said...

I understand the technicalities.

I wanted to know if there is a job available where you work, as it happens, i am looking.

Saikat Sengupta said...

Please forward me your CV, you can find my email id on my blogger profile page.

Yogesh said...


Have added to my blog

the write-up & all the photographs of the Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009.

Do take some time to visit and do not forget to put down your inputs for the same.

Regards & Love,
Yours ever in blogging,

Yogesh Goel