Sunday, February 16, 2014

Google Acquires Israeli Startup SlickLogin

Google is acquiring SlickLogin. The Israeli startup has been founded less than a year ago.

"Today we`re announcing that the SlickLogin team is joining Google, a company that shares our core beliefs that logging in should be easy instead of frustrating, and authentication should be effective without getting in the way," SlickLogin’s three founders, Or Zelig, Eran Galili and Ori Kabeli said in a blogpost of the compay’s website.

SlickLogin allows sound based account verification; you can hold your SmartPhone close to your computer and get your access details verified.

How it works: "SlickLogin can use a bunch of protocols to start verifying your phone’s position: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, visual markers like QR codes, and of course, GPS. Their self-dubbed “secret sauce”, though, is their use of uniquely generated sounds intentionally made inaudible to the human ear. Your computer plays the sound through its speakers, while an app on your smartphone uses the device’s built-in microphone to pick up the audio."

This acquisition is likely to open up a new age of online security. On another note, this acquisition underscores two more important facts:

First, as the SlickLogin founders said: "We started SlickLogin because security measures had become overly complicated and annoying. Our friends thought we were insane, but we knew we could do better. So we set out to improve security while still making it simple for people to log in." True. Entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges. If you are a budding entrepreneur here is something for you to learn - many people would speak negative things about your idea, sometimes an opposite force would surface from your soul too. But if you are confident about what you are doing, there is simply nothing that can stop you.

Secondly, we are probably going to take a shelter to Shabda Brahman in this high-tech age!

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