Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Indian 10th Grade Student Invents Computer System

"An Indian tenth grade student launched a "ReVo Book" an ultra-slim virus-protected microchip-run computer system, a move that can transform traditional computing devices. Teenaged Afreed Islam from Guwahati's Little Flower School is the new kid on the block, his 'ReVo Book' is embedded with a microchip and a hybrid operating system. The design of the computer system has been developed by a German based firm which took up the project after knowing about Islam's innovation. He has already applied for a copyright for the 'ReVo Book' and is expecting to secure it soon."
Source: ANINews

The story is really inspiring. If parents, teachers and society come out of typical job-after-graduation mentality and encourage students to become entrepreneurs, we will definitely get a brighter economy tomorrow.

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